Thursday, 18 February 2016

Hot Spots Port Elizabeth - South Boulevard Café

South Boulevard Café 

After much persuasion, my husband agreed to take me out for a cup of coffee! As working had been a long, tiring business week for us, and with the days zooming past us, we decided to allow ourselves a couple minutes breather.

That is when we decided to give South Boulevard Café a try. They had just opened and since we felt like a drive to the beachfront area, it seemed the perfect little corner café to spend out time together.

We found South Boulevard Café at the South End Museum.  We had driven this road so many times, but to be honest... I had forgotten a museum even existed there!  That's when I started to find out more about our little museum!
Street view-front entrance to the museum

I came across this informative website South End museum, where I learnt even more about the history of South End and its community.  It makes a very good if you like history, you will enjoy visiting the link.

The museum is situated on the corner of Humewood Road and Walmer Boulevard. The cafe is situated on the side of the building and has its own entrance.
South Blvd Cafe - cnr. of Walmer Boulevard & Humewood rd

This coffee shop has a large parking area, which is people like me can find parking easier...hehehe

As you enter the cafe the first thing you notice is a beautiful outdoor seating arrangement, on their balcony, which is perfect for our sunny Port Elizabeth days.  The view is absolutely stunning, and if you are interested, I suggest that you visit their Facebook Page and check out their photo's to give you a feel of the beautiful café setting and the positive atmosphere.

Balcony offers a beautiful view, with a relaxing atmosphere!

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention all the healthy smoothies they make... did I mention the BREATHTAKING VIEW?

Although we didn't stay for a meal, our cup of coffee together was very relaxing, I can't even remember when last we had just focused on each other...peacefully! We even found ourselves day dreaming while tapping our feet to the beat of music in the background.
Not only is the staff friendly, but the smell of fresh coffee and ocean air definitely makes visiting South Boulevard Café  worth your while!

Here is a copy of their current specials - should you be interested.

T'c & C's apply

Monday, 15 February 2016

Mechanical Seal and Pump Industry

I.T.S Pumps and Seals has fantastic staff...all experienced in the Mechanical Seal and Pump Industry. Specializing in a variety of products, their main focus is on the Industrial and Agricultural Market.

They have grown significantly by supplying pumps and seals in the Eastern Cape for C.R.I Pumps (Pty) Ltd, Rapid Allweiler Pumps (Pty) Ltd as well as Seoca!Other main suppliers are KSB Pumps, SPP Pumps, Inoxpa, Pentax, Ebara , Vertix and CRI.

I.T.S Pumps & Seals

ITS Pumps and Seals is a service partner and provides various pumping and sealing solutions for water supply and drainage. Distributors in the Eastern and Western Cape, making their pump and seal products accessible to everyone! Farmers and other agricultural companies can order their parts directly from I.T.S Pumps and Seals and have it delivered to them in no time.
The unerring teamwork which goes into their service, their delivery and the supply of every product... has brought great recognition for their Company.

Here is a list of the types of pumps, seals and other products that I.T.S Pumps & Seals can supply, service and guide you with:

  • Food Grade Pumps
  • Centrifugal & Self Priming
  • Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Motors & Accessories
  • Automatic Pressure Booster
  • Pumps
  • Petrol & Diesel Water Pumps
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Gland Packing
  • Engineering Equipment
  • Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Small Business

Monday, 23 February 2015

Why should I market my business online?

PE Marketing

Why should I market my business online?

So many business owners overlook online marketing and some go as far as blocking staff from visiting social media platforms, for fear of abuse or wasting company time. 
What they don’t realise is that it is the most inexpensive way for them to reach thousands of people, potential clients and existing clients.  Sharing your business specials and product notices could never be easier, and nothing is greater than interacted directly with your target market.
Everyone uses the internet to search for information, whether for DIY purposes, dinner ideas and Science project information or whether they are looking for local waterproofing specialists, divorce attorneys or a reliable builder!  If you are not marketing your business online, you will be missing out on many business opportunities, opportunities to keep your target market informed about your company, specific service or product!

Internet marketing should play a large part in your marketing and advertising solution!

Why not use a tool such as online marketing that will allow you to reach potential clients both locally and internationally? Being part of an online network, outside your local area will only increase your target market and in return increase the amount of potential clients. 
Advertising online is also extremely easy, especially if you invest into adverts such as Google Ads, which is not only easy to set up, but they offer fantastic campaigns to suit any budget.  So why not tap into the World Wide Web market and potentially grow your business that much more?

For more information, or help with online marketing click here.

Isabel Beukes
PE Marketing

Friday, 13 February 2015

Success is determined by your daily agenda!

“Red Ant So Tired” by SweetCrisis

Change starts with a decision!

So many times we hear the saying, 'If you do the same things over and over, you will get the same results' but very few people realise how true this saying really is and how we easily fall into this trap. 

We are so blinded by making a living, frantic to put food on the table, that we forget how to 'live' and so often, we're fooled into believing that we cannot achieve more. We're made to believe that dreamers are just that...dreamers!  We're constantly reminded that we should be grateful for what we have...that the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence!  We find ourselves waking up in the mornings following our daily routines, going to work, putting up with the same nonsense our working environment dishes us, dealing with stress, waiting for weekends and payday.  Complaining about salaries, complaining about bosses and wishing to win the Lotto!
Well, that was once me...until one day I made a decision, a decision that things were going to change, and when I say change...I mean really at that very moment!

“Hardworking Businessman” by bplanet

No excuses!

Since I'm the 'over thinking' type person, I would sweet talk myself out of just about anything.  Finding another job scared me...'rather the devil you know than the devil you don't!' 
Get a part time job, a second income... nope, no time.  As it is, running my household, my family of five, was hard enough and I never sat down for a minute, let alone consider a second income. I might as well never sleep! 
I guess the desperation to hold onto some type of security was an excuse on it's own.  The security of having a salary given to me on a monthly basis, even if the cheque was thoughts were, 'well at least it's something...right?' WRONG!  We should not be making excuses to prevent ourselves from bettering ourselves, our income, our lifestyle or just plain living a better life.

Future Business Program” by Stuart Miles

Plan! Plan! Plan!

As soon as I realised how much money would see my family through the month, and when I say see my family through the month, I mean, the amount of money that would be enough to pay bills, pay debts, buy groceries and supplies, pay for the odd school outing or birthday present and be able to take the kids out for an ice-cream if we felt like it.
Once I had an amount of what my minimum financial income should be, that is when I could then break it up to what that meant as a daily basis figure...and guess what, it didn't look all that unreachable!  In fact, I knew I was making more than that, daily, for my why the hell could I not do that for myself!?
That's when I knew I was ready! 
I had researched enough information to start my own public library!  I had skills...we all do...that I could use to generate my daily income and ultimately reach my financial monthly income goal.       
I was on my own personal mission to become financially free from living with the 'pay-cheque to pay-cheque' job and I believed that money was there to be made, and that I was going to make it!

Figure out your top skills and start a business, if you're unsure here are a few ideas.  My opinion, be creative, talk with family...think (don't over think) and just do it!  Your first 10bucks will turn into your first hundred...and that's exactly what I did and that's how I was able to start generating my own money.  Let me tell you, the first time I generated my own money...the money I made for myself, felt like I won the Lotto!

So, think about how much you need, break it down to what that means on a daily basis and apply your skills.  Start small and work your way up, start part time if you can.  Surround yourself with positive, like minded people who can benefit from your skills as you can from theirs.
Share ideas, join a networking group, market business online and through other channels...what ever you do, never stop 'planting seeds' and remember "No Rich Man, got rich by himself"  Each and everyone of them had help, be it a team of friends, each with their own skills, family advice and support, a mentor...whom ever...and so neither should you.

Success is determined by your daily agenda!

Plan your day, take action, and plant seeds.

  • Dedication
  • Repetition
  • Resources
Stay motivated,
Isabel Beukes

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